PUBG Facts Guide 2018

7 Interesting Facts about PUBG that You Need to Know


Did you know that the developer of PUBG, Brendan Greene’s username was PlayerUnknown in ARMA II?

You may be playing Playerunknown’s Battle Grounds or PUBG or pub-gee and may have even become a pro at it, but you may not know some of the intriguing facts about this game.

Did you know that there are several PUBG aimbots that can help you get more kills?

PUBG achieved sudden popularity in a mere 1 year leaving a majority of similar games like CounterStrike Global Offensive, Dota 2, Day Z, and H1Z1 behind. In this one year, this game has broken records, received recognition, and killed a countless number of characters.

Here are some of the facts about PUBG that you need to know:

PUBG broke the world record for highest number of simultaneous players

On 29 Dec 2017, PUBG broke the all-time record of highest number of simultaneous players at once with 3,106,358. The previous record, set by this game itself in September came with a number of 1,342,857. Back in September, it broke Dota 2’s previously set record of 1,295,114 to achieve number 1 spot.

The Bandana is one of the rarest and expensive items

Initially, the pre-order version of this game came with a PlayerUnknown’s Bandana as a character add-on. Owing to low pre-orders, players that received the bandana sold it off at a cheaper price. As this game became popular, the bandana achieved rarity and did not come with any of the crates in PUBG. This led to it being one of the most expensive items in this game surpassing the $900 mark. However, currently, the most expensive item in PUBG is the Ivory School Uniform Set (Female) priced at around $1,000.

PUBG is the best-selling game of 2017

Back in August 2017, after selling around 7 million copies, PUBG unlocked the achievement of becoming the best-selling game on any single platform. As of February 2018, PUBG has sold over 30 million copies.

Name of the map Erangelis derived from a person

One of the many maps in PUBG is Erangel, the name of which is derived from PlayerUnknown’s daughter.

Hacks, ESPs, and aimbots are common in PUBG

Many a user has used PUBG hacks, ESPs, and aimbots to survive till the end. The most popular among them, PUBG aimbots can help in making a user’s aiming system even more superb. Aimbots automatically aim at enemies when they are within the sight of a player. They keep locked on an enemy until a user eliminates him/her.

An image of a person is present on the side of Motorcycle w/ sidecar

The Motorcycle w/ sidecar in PUBG contains a decal on its side, which is in memory of BikeMan, a Twitch streamers’ father.

The Dacia cars are a reference to the TV show Top Gear

PlayerUnknown’s obsession with popular TV show Top Gear led to the inclusion of Dacia sedan cars in this game; the car made several appearances in this show.

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