Prototron winner

Prototyping fund Prototron announced its Spring Batch winners on Tallinn Innovation Day last week. Altogether 34 000€ was given to 6 teams to work on their prototype. 

Shaperize got 5700€ to help recycle old plastics into new 3D printable filament faster and more conveniently than ever before.
Saunum  develops with 5000€  a fully automated sauna health center to help sauna owners and health conscious people make sauna environment more comfortable and healthier by equalizing temperature for legs and head, losing steam burning effect, adding salt ions to sauna environment and controlling CO2 level.
Genosity  received 7000€ to build a machine for gene testing, to help school students learn about their own genes in biology class.
The team of Full Profile got 2300€ to launch a program like a Sherlock Holmes for marketers, offering customer research without need to ask any questions from customers.
With 7000€  Hepta Group Energy operates turnkey airborne inspection solutions to deliver cost-effective actionable analysis to power grid operators.
Shipitwise received 7000€ to build a full-stack shipping platform for small businesses and individuals.

Prototron fund manager Siim Lepisk wanted to thank all the participants and partners: “With every round, the quality and the amount of applicants rises – and so does the number of partners who want to help startups to succeed. Hedman Partners advises the winners with legal problems, Tenfold Ventures offers marketing support and of course, our good partner Utilitas has backed us for several rounds already. This time, Estonian Ministry of Environment granted the money for two environmental-related startups.”

From 207 applicants, the 10 best teams got the change to pitch their ideas to Expert Committee. After tough decision-making process the fund of 34 000 € will be shared between 6 winners to build a prototype plus the teams get up to 10 000€ worth of  Startup Incubator mentoring to help improve their business model, marketing strategy and help to get investments.

Prototron is a start-up fund that gives money to teams for turning their great ideas into the first working prototype. Founded in 2012 by Swedbank, Tallinn Technical University and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol. We finance teams with high growth potential in areas of Greentech, Electronics, Mechatronics and ICT.

During last 4 years we’ve funded 29 startups with over 345 000€ in cash + coaching/incubation services. Our protfolio has generated over 3 000 000€ revenue and raised over 10 000 000€ venture capital. These results make Prototron the most productive pre-seed fund in Estonia.