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Why Estonia is a great choice for company registration online

Considering that Estonia does not belong to any of the «black lists of offshore countries», but offers entrepreneurs a very advantageous tax and not only, it becomes obvious why this small European country is so popular with entrepreneurs from all over the world.

The tax on retained earnings is zero. Such conditions are extremely beneficial for new firms, as they allow them to grow stronger and more capital.

In addition, the owner and the head of the company may be the same person, there are no requirements for capital to be contributed to the registration of the company in Estonia, and there are no requirements for the residence of the owner.

Registration company in Estonia via the Internet

Estonia had launched a virtual residency programme that would enable non-citizens to benefit from a range of services.

Among them is a company registration service in Estonia via the Internet. Participants of the program receive special smart cards, which can be used later for signing papers. 

ID card allows to sign documents without personal presence, to enter Estonian portals and infosstems, to use the services of the Tax and Customs Department.

Company registration procedure in Estonia

  1. Come up with a name. This task seems simple, but in choosing a name it is necessary to take into account such requirements: uniqueness, use of the Latin alphabet (without symbols, only letters), unlike other names already registered in Estonia. Special services can be used to verify the similarity of a given name to others.
  2. Choice of main activity. This is necessary to show the economic performance of your company in Estonian and European statistics.
  3. Go to a special service using the available ID card and do several more steps for estonia register company online:
    • enter contact information, address, telephone number, specify citizenship;
    • enter codethe firm, its contact details;
    • sign the application using an ID card;
    • pay the necessary amount by means of a bank card or make a payment.

Once the application has been submitted and paid through the Business Register it is submitted for consideration. The decision will be sent to your personal e-mail.